My best diaper packing tips!

little miss diva

Diapers and travel

I am currently just exiting the two kids in diapers stage and I couldn’t be more excited!

Lincoln is potty trained (except for overnight) and my diaper usage is way down, woohoo!

After a year of two kids in diapers and now back to one I can see the end in sight.

For those of you wondering my go to diapers have been Honest Company and Bambo for daytime diapering and night we use Huggies Overnights.

I have tried a few different approaches to traveling with diapers and some have worked better then others.

  1. I have packed more then we could ever possibly need because I just didn’t want to run out.
  2. I packed enough for a day or two and planned to buy more at destination
  3. I packed what I thought they would go through and nothing more.

Everyone of these options has flaws, option one was the worst idea with two kids. Coming home with 20 extra diapers is just plain silly especially when traveling in the US, where diapers can be found anywhere. Option two works great when traveling to a location you are familiar with and/or have a rental car. It becomes very expensive to have to buy diapers at your hotel and who knows what selection they will actually have but if you can make it to a grocery store or pharmacy this is an excellent and easy plan (just don’t buy more then you actually will need). Option 3 is kind of my go to now that the kids are not infants and not having random diaper blowouts. Their diaper needs are more predictable and for the last several trips I have finished out travels with 3-4 diapers left.

One last piece of advice, don’t skimp on wipes. They have so many uses, even when my kids are fully potty trained and not toddlers I am going to have wipes with me. I don’t know how I survived before my wipe carrying days!

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